Ulaan Baatar-Gobi Desert by 4X4W Drive & Bayanzag

The Gobi is the Most Mysterious Place on Earth with its unique natural formation and it is place where you can dig and find at Flaming Cliffs the real dinosaur fossils, flora, and fauna not to be found anywhere else in the world and invites you to reveal its secrets.

Arrive in Ulaan Baatar at ETA 05.40 am (local time). Then we will proceed to the tourist Ger Camp by 4 wheel drive, we will go out to explore the one & only Gobi Desert.

Bayanzag is famous for dinosaur remains, complete dinosaur skeletons and fossilized eggs. American explorer Mr Roy Chapman Andrews discovered this area in the beginning of 20th Century and became famous all over the world. If you see carefully, you could find some piece of bones or dinosaur eggs.

In the afternoon (if time & situation permit) we can try to visit the Gobi tree saxaul forest. Have dinner and overnight stay in the Ger Camp itself….under the twinkling stars.