Olkhon – Irkutsk Via Ust-Orda

Have breakfast at the hotel followed by check out and proceed to Irkutsk. On the way visit Ust-Orda (the centre of buryat national region). Ust Orda is a Buryat small town/village only 90 KM drive north of Irkutsk. It’s used to be a capital of Autonomous Buryat Okrug on the territory of Irkutsk region before it was merged to Irkutsk in 2008. Trip to Ust Orda allows you to discover the culture and lifestyle of Buryats, the local people that lived on the territory of Irkutsk region for many centuries before Russians arrived. The Buryat people are linguistically and culturally closely related to the Mongols.

Irkutsk was founded in 1661 at the junction of the Angara and the Irkut Rivers. The Irkut River gave the name to the city.

Irkutsk city tour will start in the center of the city – Kirov square. You’ll see Bogoyavlensky Cathedral and the oldest stone building of the city – Spasskaya Church. During the tour you’ll come to the historical center of Irkutsk and will see old wooden buildings ingrown into the ground, beautiful merchant houses dated back to the 18th and 19th century. On the embankment of Angara you’ll see the beautiful monument of Alexander III.

Transfer to Irkutsk and enjoy your dinner followed by check in the hotel. Stay the night in Irkutsk.