Important Notice

NB: Tour Itinerary as well as the Package Price is subject to change if there is any increase or decrease of cost per Airline, IATA rule, Cruise Company, Visa & Rate of Exchange (ROE) at the time of final payment & departure of the tour.

The package cost which includes all the services (as mentioned in the itinerary etc) has being framed as on 15th January 2020. The Tour Itinerary, Airfare, Taxes, Visa Charges, Medical Insurance Premium, Cruise Company services and other related expenses/fees are subject to change if required for any unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances occurring before and/or during the tour period.

Payment equivalent to Foreign Currency Component (mentioned) has to be paid in Indian Currency with local cheque/at par cheque only, as per Forex (foreign exchange) Card Board Rate based on the rate of the day of Final Payment as schedule by Aviana Holidays. Indian Currency part can be paid in A/C Payee (for local), A/C Payee at Par (for outstation), Demand Draft or by Cash.