Ekaterinburg & The Trans-Siberian Train By Evening

After breakfast, check out from the hotel and proceed to explore the historic city of Russia- Ekaterinburg. First of all, Ekaterinburg is famous for its unique location – Europe and Asia border, Ganya Pit. On the one side it is a unique architectural monument, which presents 7 wooden churches built without a single nail. On the other side, this place has sorrowful story connected with the last Russian tsar Romanov (Nikolai 2) and his family, whose bodies were burnt and buried here. Story of Ekaterinburg interlaces with mournful story of Romanov’s’. In the Ekaterinburg downtown tourists may observe the place where Romanovs were imprisoned and murdered, which is also the site of the Cathedral on the Blood. Pilgrims from all over the world come here to pray. Next, we will go for a panoramic view of the city including Ekaterinburg Churches, Ekaterinburg museum, mansions and manors together with Ekaterinburg monuments. We will take you to the downtown part, named Historical Square and see the heart of the city – the Dam or Plotinka on the Iset River, a place where Ekaterinburg started its glorious story. We will have an early dinner in a restaurant as we need to transfer to the railway station to board train ETD 20.20 pm for Irkutsk. Stay the night in train.