(Cherrapunji – Mawlynnong – Dawki – Cherrapunji)

After breakfast, proceed to Mawlynnong Village – Mawlynnong has established a reputation for being one of Asia’s cleanest villages, although the moniker “God’s Own Garden” is more accurate. On the border of Meghalaya’s southern mountains, the Khasis’ fruit orchards, gushing streams, evergreen surroundings, swinging palms, and well-preserved traditions give a picture-perfect setting.
The Nohwet Living Root Bridge, arguably Meghalaya’s most iconic landmark, is located here. The Ficus Elastica tree roots were woven around a structure to form the bridge, which took years to complete. The bridge is used to traverse the peaceful and serene waters of the river that flows beneath it, and when viewed from a far, the entire construction creates a captivating display.
Also, pay a visit to the Tree House and Sky View Point, where you may get a panoramic view of the Bangladesh lowlands. The Skywalk is an 85-foot bamboo-pole-and-jute-and-bamboo-rope-and-jute-and-bamboo-rope-and-jute-and-bamboo-rope-and-jute-and-bamboo-rope-and-jute-and-bamboo-rope Balancing rock – an ancient structure consisting of a giant boulder dangerously balanced over a much smaller rock – was built without the use of metal.

We’ll then travel to Dawki, a small village in the Jaintia Hills known for the river Umngot, which is a must-see for everyone visiting Meghalaya. Sandwiched between India and Bangladesh, it is also known for its tourism, with many visitors flocking to the city to take a boat trip on the city’s famous Umngot River and take in the sights and sounds. Dawki is worth a visit because of the surrounding greenery, the chilly water of the river, and the gorgeous suspension bridge over the River Umngot.

Have delicious dinner at hotel and have a comfortable stay overnight at Cherrapunji.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner