• Air Tickets For Delhi – Moscow & Beijing – Kunming – Kolkata
  • Exciting Guided City Tour In Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk & Ulaan Baatar Visit The Biggest Monastery In Mongolia – Erdene Zuu
  • Full Day Excursion To The Scenic North Coast Of Olkhon Island In Lake Baikal With Picnic Lunch
  • Two Nights Stay At Olchon Island Within The Majestic Lake Baikal
  • Trip To Explore Ust-Orda, A Siberian Buryat Village Near Baikal
  • A Lifetime Experience – Stay In Ger Camp, The Hub Of Gobi Desert
  • Explore Ongi – Visit The Ruins Of Ongi Monastery, Close To The Ancient Ongi River Of Gobi
  • Visit Out-Of-The-World Flemming Cliffs In Gobi Desert
  • Experience The Sand Dunes – Elsen Tasarhai
  • Tour In Moscow – Kremlin, Red Square
  • Famous Moscow Underground Metro Tour
  • Enjoy Your Train Journey By Trans Siberian Railway Line
  • Visit The Great Wall Of China (If Time Permits)
  • Caring Bengali – Hindi Speaking Tour-Coordinator Of Aviana From Delhi & Back To Kolkata
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner As Mentioned In The Itinerary


Welcome to the world of Aviana Holidays – the leisure unit of IATA accredited Aviana Travels Pvt Ltd, having goodwill of more than 26 Years, in the space of Travel & Tourism. Experienced and pleasant Tour Coordinator from Aviana who will accompany you throughout the tour, will meet & greet you at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport 3 hours before the departure time. She/He will assist you for immigration & custom formalities before boarding Flight SU 233, scheduled to leave at ETD 05:00 am for Moscow.

Welcome to Moscow, the capital of Russia, which was previously called The Soviet Union, the largest country in the world. After immigration & custom formalities, freshen up and proceed to the designated place where our experienced Russian Guide will meet & greet you for a half day guided city tour of Moscow and transfer to the hotel for check in. Rest of the day is free for leisure. Enjoy your early dinner in the hotel itself. There will an optional opportunity to experience the famous Russian Circus, for which you need to pre-book with us. Stay overnight in Moscow.


After breakfast, check out from the hotel and proceed for a half day relaxing guided tour of Moscow. You will be taken to explore the famous Kremlin Grounds with Cathedrals walking tour followed by the famous Red Square Tour. No place better represents Russia than Red Square. The square’s name has nothing to do with communism or with the color of many of its buildings. In fact, it is derived from the word ‘krasnyi’, which once meant ‘beautiful’, and has only come to mean ‘red’ in contemporary Russian.Later we will take you on the world-famous Moscow Metro® Tour. Metro of Moscow is called The People’s Palace. It’s the Underground Kingdom of Moscow Metropolitan, admiring the mosaics and marble.

You will be taken to the designated train station to board the train of Trans-Siberian Railways. The train is scheduled to leave at ETD 16.50 pm to Ekaterinburg – an overnight journey. Packed dinner will be served on board. Stay overnight on the train, in comfortable 4 Bedded Coups.


Arrive Ekaterinburg in the evening and you will be transferred to our designated hotel for check in. Have dinner in the hotel itself. Stay overnight in Ekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg, alternatively Romanized as Ekaterinburg, is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Oblast, located in the middle of the Eurasian continent, on the border of Europe and Asia.


After breakfast, check out from the hotel and proceed to explore the historic city of Russia- Ekaterinburg. First of all, Ekaterinburg is famous for its unique location – Europe and Asia border, Ganya Pit. On the one side it is a unique architectural monument, which presents 7 wooden churches built without a single nail. On the other side, this place has sorrowful story connected with the last Russian tsar Romanov (Nikolai 2) and his family, whose bodies were burnt and buried here. Story of Ekaterinburg interlaces with mournful story of Romanov’s’. In the Ekaterinburg downtown tourists may observe the place where Romanovs were imprisoned and murdered, which is also the site of the Cathedral on the Blood. Pilgrims from all over the world come here to pray. Next, we will go for a panoramic view of the city including Ekaterinburg Churches, Ekaterinburg museum, mansions and manors together with Ekaterinburg monuments. We will take you to the downtown part, named Historical Square and see the heart of the city – the Dam or Plotinka on the Iset River, a place where Ekaterinburg started its glorious story. We will have an early dinner in a restaurant as we need to transfer to the railway station to board train ETD 20.20 pm for Irkutsk. Stay the night in train.


Continue travelling towards Irkutsk. Stay overnight in the train itself. Enjoy while meeting the people of different countries in Bistro.


Continue the scenic journey on the train. Breakfast and Dinner will be arranged in the train. The train is scheduled to stop at ETA 03.30 am [late night] which is officially on day seven.


“It has been said that, if Lake Baikal is the pearl of Siberia, then
Olkhon Island is the heart of Lake Baikal.

Arrive in Irkutsk early morning, as mentioned, and transfer to a hotel near the station. Have your breakfast followed by a scenic drive to the pier in Sakhyurta, (commonly known as the MRS) to take the ferry for Olchon Island.

Olchon or Olkhon Island is the largest of the Lake Baikal’s 27 Islands. The island has an area of 730 sq. km (282 sq. miles) and is inhabited by around 1,500 Buryats. It is 77 km long and 15-25 km wide. This is the most beautiful and mysterious place on the lake. The climate here is different and special. It is dry in summer and not much snow in winter. The average temperature in summer is 20-23 C, and about -20C in winter. The channel between the island and the lakeshore is one of the few places in Baikal where is temperature good enough for swimming.

There is a good sandy beach in the 10min destination from the place of staying. The western shore of the island is steppe. The island was formed during millions of years of tectonic development. Lake Baikal’s deepest point (1637m) is near the Eastern Shore of the Island. In the interior of the island are half a dozen lakes and the 1300m-high Zhima Peak. The northern end of Olkhon is one of the possible places to see Baikal seals.

Olkhon Island has several archaeological sites, beginning with the remains of Iron Age fortress built by mysterious Kurykans, the ancient Chinese people who lived here between A.D.500 and 1000. The Island is also famous as one of the center of Shamanism, primitive form of religion of the local Buryats. Many of the shamanistic sacred places and rock paintings are still found here. The only one settlement of Olkhon is the fishing village of Khuzhir.

Check in to the hotel in Khuzhir area. Day is free to explore on your own…as Lake Baikal is very close to our accommodation. Have dinner and overnight stay in the Magical Serenity of Olkhon Island.


After breakfast, we will proceed for a full day excursion to North Coast of the Island. Olkhon Island has spectacular landscapes which are second to none. It is especially true for the northern region of Olkhon Island, where you will see majestic and unforgettable panoramic views of the cape overlooking the sea. Olkhon Island is the ideal spot for nature lovers and landscape Photographers, here you will find many untouched natural wildlife, virgin forests and jaw dropping landscapes.

Return back to hotel and Have your dinner. Stay the night at the beautiful Island – Olkhon.


Have breakfast at the hotel followed by check out and proceed to Irkutsk. On the way visit Ust-Orda (the centre of buryat national region). Ust Orda is a Buryat small town/village only 90 KM drive north of Irkutsk. It’s used to be a capital of Autonomous Buryat Okrug on the territory of Irkutsk region before it was merged to Irkutsk in 2008. Trip to Ust Orda allows you to discover the culture and lifestyle of Buryats, the local people that lived on the territory of Irkutsk region for many centuries before Russians arrived. The Buryat people are linguistically and culturally closely related to the Mongols.

Irkutsk was founded in 1661 at the junction of the Angara and the Irkut Rivers. The Irkut River gave the name to the city.

Irkutsk city tour will start in the center of the city – Kirov square. You’ll see Bogoyavlensky Cathedral and the oldest stone building of the city – Spasskaya Church. During the tour you’ll come to the historical center of Irkutsk and will see old wooden buildings ingrown into the ground, beautiful merchant houses dated back to the 18th and 19th century. On the embankment of Angara you’ll see the beautiful monument of Alexander III.

Transfer to Irkutsk and enjoy your dinner followed by check in the hotel. Stay the night in Irkutsk.


After a relaxed breakfast, we will check out from hotel and proceed to Irkutsk Station to board the train to Ulaanbaatar. The journey is one of the world’s longest railway lines and provides some of Russia & Mongolia’s wildest and most magnificent scenery. Have dinner and stay overnight in train.


The Gobi is the Most Mysterious Place on Earth with its unique natural formation and it is place where you can dig and find at Flaming Cliffs the real dinosaur fossils, flora, and fauna not to be found anywhere else in the world and invites you to reveal its secrets.

Arrive in Ulaan Baatar at ETA 05.40 am (local time). Then we will proceed to the tourist Ger Camp by 4 wheel drive, we will go out to explore the one & only Gobi Desert.

Bayanzag is famous for dinosaur remains, complete dinosaur skeletons and fossilized eggs. American explorer Mr Roy Chapman Andrews discovered this area in the beginning of 20th Century and became famous all over the world. If you see carefully, you could find some piece of bones or dinosaur eggs.

In the afternoon (if time & situation permit) we can try to visit the Gobi tree saxaul forest. Have dinner and overnight stay in the Ger Camp itself….under the twinkling stars.


After breakfast, we take a long drive to Ongi Temple ruin through the majestic Gobi. It was one of the 7 biggest temples in Mongolia. After people’s revolution in 1921, these two monasteries were destroyed and lamas (monks) were killed by communists. We’ll have lunch later and arrive to check into the Ger camp. We will stay very close to the picturesque Ongi River. Have dinner and stay the night in the Ger camp.


Once served as the capital of Mongolian Empire and an essential station of the Silk Road, Karakorum city has much more to share than its current physical appearance. Elsen Tasarkhai, marvelous Oasis with Sand Dunes, vegetations, lake and birds is located close to Karakorum. Therefore, during this trip, you have the chance to experience noteworthy historical-religious-natural and adventurous side of Mongolia.

If you get up early, you have a great chance to see some wild animals such as wild sheep, ibex, wolf etc. Have breakfast and proceed towards Khogno Khaan Mountain, which is 285 Kilometer from Ulaan Baatar. This area represents a unique picture of the natural contrast combining the Mongolian desert Gobi, landscapes of Hangaj and Rocky Mountains. In 1220 Karkhorum was built and was the capital of Mongolia for 140 years. In 1338, the city was massively destroyed and Erdenezuu Buddhist Monastery where we have visited was founded in 1586 at the city’s ruin. Stay the night at tourist Ger camp where you will have your dinner.


After having breakfast, we need to check out. Today will be the very last night in Mongolia. On our back to Ulaanbaatar, visit the spectacular Sand Dunes – Elsen Tasarhal. Going towards east from Khogno Khan, we will find sand dunes lost in the middle of a mountainous area. They’re called Elsen Tasarkhai, “the sand fracture”, and extend on 80 kilometres (49,71 miles) in the South of the Khogno Khan National Park. These dunes run along the Tarna River that is bordered with willow trees.

Continue travelling to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. As soon as we reach, we will start our city tour in Ulaanbaatar including Sukhbaatar square, Gandan, and Zaisan Memorial.

Chinggis’s Square formally Grand Chinggis Khan Square and previously known as Sükhbaatar Square is the central square of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. The official name was changed in 2013 in honor of the founding father of the Mongolian nation.

Most Buddhist Monasteries in Mongolia were destroyed during the communist regime, which lasted until
1990. One of the only to survive was Gandan Monastery, being used as a showcase for visitors.

The National Museum of Mongolia formerly the National Museum of Mongolian History, is one of the national museums of Mongolia located in the capital Ulan Bator. The National Museum of Mongolia is a cultural, scientific, and educational organization, which is responsible for the collection, conservation and interpretation of the objects.

Have dinner in a restaurant followed by check in to the hotel. Stay the night in Ulaanbaatar.


After early breakfast we’ll proceed to Ulaanbaatar Station to board train i.e Trans Manchurian Railway for Beijing – The capital of China. Enjoy the spectacular journey through Trans Manchurian Railway. Stay overnight in Train.


Our Train will arrive to Capital of China at ETA 12:13 pm. After completing immigration formalities proceed to our designated Hotel for Overnight Stay. You can stroll in the streets of Beijing to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family.


After having breakfast if time & situation permit (as per viability &/or driving regulations) we will proceed for Great Wall of China – One of the Seven Wonders of the World. Then proceed to Beijing Airport to board flight to Kolkata via Kunming scheduled to depart at ETD 16:20 pm. The flight will touch the soil of our motherland after prolong 17 days at ETA 23:50 PM. Bid good bye to your friends met during the tour. Tour ends here.



Your trip includes

  • Economy Class Air Fare From Delhi-Moscow, Beijing-Kunming-Kolkata
  • All Taxes Mentioned On The Ticket As On 15Th January 2020
  • Visa Charges For All Respective Countries
  • Overseas Medical Insurance Of U$ 50,000 Up To 69 Years Of Age. The Difference Amount Needs To Pay, Who Are Above 69 Years
  • Accommodation At 3 – 4 Star Hotels (In Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Ullanbaatar, Beijing) On Twin/Triple Sharing Basis
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner As Mentioned In The Itinerary
  • City Tour With Local Authorized Guides For Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk And Ulaan Baatar
  • Visit At One Of The Biggest Monasteries In Mongolia – Erdene Zuu
  • Full Day Guided Excursion To The Spectacular North Coast With Picnic Lunch From Olkhon Island
  • Lifetime Experience: 3 Nights Stay In Tourist Ger Camp (Depending On Weather) Within Gobi Desert At Various Places & 2 Nights Stay In The Heavenly Olkhon Island (Lake Baikal)
  • Enjoy Scenic Train Journey By Trans Siberian / Mongolian Railways / Manchurian Railways As Mentioned In The Itinerary
  • Visit The Kremlin In Moscow With Cathedrals
  • Walking Tour At Red Square In Moscow And Metro Underground® Tour Of Moscow Metropolitan For At Least 3 Stations
  • Explore The Siberian Small Buriyat Town, Ust Orda Near Lake Baikal
  • All Transfers By Coach As Mentioned In The Itinerary In Russia
  • 4X4W Car For All Transfer & Excursions In Mongolia…Particularly Within Gobi
  • Caring Services Of Tour Coordinator Of Aviana Holidays, Throughout From India

Your trip excludes

  • Expenses And Services Of Personal Nature – Telephone Calls, Mineral Water, Any Meals Not Forming A Part Of The Group Itinerary Menu,Room Services Orders, Mini Bar & Beverages (Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic), Snacks or Refreshments or Any Other Usage, Laundry, Personal Entertainment Expenses Except For Mentioned Itinerary Items, Extra Conveyance Expenses, If Any, Entrance Charges Except For The Mentioned Itinerary Items, Any Other Incidental Or Medical Expenses Etc.
  • Optional Excursions As Well As Any Porterage Charges At Airports, Ports, Waterways, Stations Or Any Hotels Etc.
  • Any Services Not Mentioned In The ‘Tour Cost Includes’ In The Itinerary.
  • Any Cost Involved For Extension Of Stay.
  • GST Of 5% (As On 15Th January 2020) On The Total Tour Cost (Incl Any Optional Tour) Which Is Payable At Kolkata By Indian Currency Only In Favour Of: Aviana Travels Pvt. Ltd.


Departure From Delhi On 24Th September 2020

  • Moscow – Izmailovo Delta
  • Ekaterinburg – Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel
  • Olchon Island – Baikal view
  • Irkutsk – Marriot Courtyard Irkutsk
  • Flaming Cliffs Bayanzag – Tourist Ger Camp
  • Ongi – Tourist Ger Camp
  • Kharakorum – Tourist Ger Camp
  • Ulaan Bataar – Platinum Hotel
  • Moscow – Ekaterinburg | Trans-Siberian Railways
  • Ekaterinburg – Irkutsk | Trans-Siberian Railways
  • Irkutsk – Ulaan Baatar | Trans-Mongolian Railways
  • Ulaanbaatar – Beijing | Trans-Manchurian Railways
  • Moscow – 25C(Max) and 15C(Min)
  • Ekaterinburg – 16C(Max) and 10C(Min)
  • Olkhon Island – 16C(Max) and 07C(Min)
  • Irkutsk – 15C(Max) and 08C(Min)
  • Bayanzag/Ongi – 19C(Max) and 05C(Min)
  • Kharakorum – 17C(Max) and 08C(Min)
  • Ulaan Baatar – 16C(Max) and 06C(Min)
  • The Package Cost is based on a group of minimum 25 Adults at the time of final boarding
  • You should be more or less physically fit & fine to overcome any unforeseen situations during the tour. Aviana Holidays and/or its associates will Not be liable for any loss or damage done against any situation, if it occurs during the tour.

NB: The Tour Itinerary as well as the Package Price is subject to change if there are any unforeseen/unavoidable situations occur before or during the tour AND/OR if there is any increase or decrease of cost per Airline, IATA rule, Visa & Rate of Exchange (ROE) at the time of final payment & departure of the tour, respectively. The package cost which includes all the services (as mentioned in the itinerary etc.) has being framed as on 15th January 2020. The Tour Itinerary, Airfare, Taxes, Visa Charges, Medical Insurance Premium and other related expenses/fees are subject to change if it requires for any unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances before and/or during the tour period.

Payment equivalent to Foreign Currency Component (mentioned in package price) including the Tipping & Optional Tour if any, has to be paid in Indian Currency with local cheque/at par cheque only, favouring: Aviana Travels Pvt Ltd, as per Forex (foreign exchange) Card Board Rate based on the rate of the day of Final Payment as schedule by Aviana Travels Pvt Ltd. Indian Currency part can be paid in A/C Payee (for local), “A/C Payee at Par” (for outstation), Demand Draft or by Cash.


  • Photo Specification: 35×45 mm, 70-80% face view, white background with dark color dress, no spectacles, matt finish. (2 Photograph/person) (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa
  • Passport Bio page and address page and previous Russian visa page in individual page.
  • Russian confirmation voucher and letter.
  • Current or Previous Employment Details with Contact Details.
  • Applicant Mobile No. and Email Id.


  • 2 Forms.
  • 2 Photograph/person (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa) Photo Specification: 35×45 mm, 70-80% face view, white background with dark color dress, no spectacles, matt finish.
  • Covering Letter.
  • Travel Itinerary (tickets).
  • Stay Itinerary (hotel).
  • Latest 6 months Personal Bank Statement.
  • For Employee: NOC, Payslip last 6 months, Emplyee ID.
  • For Retired: Retirement proof.


  • Photo Specification: 33 x 48 mm, 70-75% Face view, white background with dark color dress, no spectacles, ornaments & makeup, matt finish. (2 Photograph/person) (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa)
  • Bank Statement last 6 months.
  • If self-employment: self-attested cover letter.
  • Air ticket.
  • Tour Itinerary.
  • Invitation letter with group name list.
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