Edfu To Arrive In Luxor East Bank | 3rd Day Cruising The Nile

Today, view the Temple of Horus, falcon-headed god of the sky. Built in 230 BC by Ptolemy III, this amazingly well-preserved and colorful structure reveals what temple worship in ancient Egypt was like. Back on board, Cruise to Luxor. Arrive in Luxor, journey to the east bank of the Nile, the Temple of Karnak, where generations of pharaohs wished to record their names. Walk through the Great Hypostyle Hall, strolling among its expertly aligned columns, which soar to 80 feet high. Continue to the striking Temple of Luxor. View the three large statues of Ramses II along the front of the temple pylons; the Courtyard of Ramses II; and the Colonnade of Amenhotep III, with its 50-foot-high columns. Walk in their shadows as visitors have done since antiquity and ponder the astonishing feats of engineering it took to create them. Later return to the cruise for an overnight stay.


Disembark In Luxor – Proceed To Hurghada

This morning, explore the west bank of the Nile River and the Necropolis of Thebes, and view the Colossi of Memnon. Next, arrive at the architecturally stunning Temple of Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s first female pharaoh and regarded today as one of its most successful. Continue to the Valley of the Kings, burial ground of the pharaohs and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For a period of 500 years beginning in the 16th century BC, tombs were built along this valley for pharaohs and nobles, including that of “the boy king,” Tutankhamun. Enter the tomb of Tutankhamun *** SPECIAL INCLUSION- found in 1922 by British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter- to discover the secrets of this storied chamber.

Later after the Valley Of Kings tour is over sit in your luxurious coach for a comfortable ride to Hurghada for an overnight stay.


Hurghada – Cairo || Dolphin Watching

Post breakfast be picked up from the hotel for an unforgettable experience of Dolphin Watching in Red Sea. Cruise over the Red Sea to spot and swim with wild dolphins, and ride a banana boat on this full-day trip from Hurghada, El Gouna, or Makadi. Sail to the Dolphin House, an area known for its high density of wild dolphins. Watch for these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat, and take a swim: with luck, dolphins might play alongside you.

While you’re here, snorkel around the fish-filled corals or sunbathe on deck—the choice is yours. Cap your adventures with onboard lunch and unforgettable banana boat ride.

In the evening board your comfortable coach to be driven safely to Cairo. After approximately a 5hrs journey when you arrive into Cairo be welcomed with a hot dinner followed by a relaxing overnight stay in hotel.

While you’re here, snorkel around the fish-filled corals or sunbathe on deck—the choice is yours. Cap your adventures with onboard lunch and unforgettable banana boat ride.

In the evening board your comfortable coach to be driven safely to Cairo. After approximately a 5hrs journey when you arrive into Cairo be welcomed with a hot dinner followed by a relaxing overnight stay in hotel.


Day Tour To Alexandria

After breakfast be transferred to Alexandria.

On arrival at Alexandria be spellbound at your visit to the great Alexandria International Library. The vastness, architecture and huge collections, make Alexandria Library popular worldwide. The New Library of Alexandria, the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original. We shall then proceed for Montazah Garden & Palace. It was built on a low plateau east of central Alexandria overlooking a beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Next visit the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa (meaning ‘Mound of shards’ or ‘Potsherds’)

A historical archaeological site located in Alexandria and considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages.

Lunch while on the tour. Post the tour get ready to return to Cairo. Enjoy a heavy Indian dinner and spend the night in the Cairo Hotel.


Cairo City Tour

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel , proceed to experience one of the most mysterious Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (and the only one still standing), the Pyramids of Giza—the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkaure—still live up to more than 4,000 years of hype. Seeing these 4th-dynasty pyramids and their guardian Great Sphinx rising from the Giza Plateau is a must on any trip to Cairo.

Later visit the Egyptian Museum with the guidance of an Egyptologist, explore an enormous collection of over 100,000 items ranging from the 18th to the 20th Dynasties.

Visit to papyrus fair and perfume factory is also included along with visit to the famous Egyptian market named Khan e Khalili Bazar .
Later spend the evening and overnight at Cairo.


Depart Cairo || End Of Tour

Post breakfast check out and BID FAREWELL to this beautiful City of Cairo as you embark into your coach for a safe ride to Cairo International Airport followed by catching homebound flight to India.


Kolkata to Cairo || Welcome to Egypt – the Land of Pharaohs!!

Our pleasant & experienced tour manager, who will be with you throughout the tour, will meet and greet you 3 hours prior to flight departure time, at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to board flight Your luggage will be tagged till Cairo from Kolkata itself. After completion of airport formalities, you’ll be taken to the hotel for check in.
in the evening enjoy the amazing Light & Sound Show at the Great Pyramids, in Giza! You’ll hear the story of Egypt as seen through the eyes of the Sphinx over the ages, and see the breathtaking sight of the pyramids, lit up beautifully, under the stars.
This will be followed by dinner in a restaurant. Return to the hotel for overnight stay in the eternal city, Cairo.


Cairo To Aswan– Deluxe Cruise

Arrive in Aswan, where you are met by your tour guide and begin your day of exploring by visiting the majestic Temple of Philae. The temple of Philae was considered to be the most sacred temple among the whole ones by both Egyptians and Nubians peoples, so this is because God Osiris was buried on the island where the temple stood. Osiris, also called Usir, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. This dual role was in turn combined with the Egyptian concept of divine kingship: the king at death became Osiris, God of the underworld; and the dead king’s son, the living king, was identified with Horus, a god of the sky. 

Next, awaits a visit to the High Dam – With a reservoir capacity of 132km³, the Aswan High Dam provides water for around 33,600km² of irrigation land. It serves the irrigation needs of both Egypt and Sudan, controls flooding, generates power, and helps in improving navigation across the Nile.

A sailing on the Felucca too is exciting while in Aswan. Settle into a traditional white-sailed boat with a skipper, and sail to Elephantine Island and the Aswan Botanical Gardens on Kitchener’s Island. Enjoy the scenery and sounds of lapping water, and disembark to stroll the exotic gardens, planted by Lord Kitchener in 1899.
Post the various exciting excursions return to the cruise and check in. All the meals are to be served on board the cruise.


Abu Simbel – Sun Festival | 2nd Day Cruising The Nile

Discover Abu Simbel, the commanding twin temples of Ramses II and his wife, Queen Nefertari. The former’s façade is dominated by four 70-foot-tall statues of the pharaoh. Perhaps even more impressive, this entire site was disassembled and moved here to save it from the floodwaters caused by the Aswan High Dam.

At Abu Simbel, attend the famous Sun festival . One has to leave at 3AM to visit Abu Simbel and secure the front row to get the perfect glimpse of the Sun Rays. Egyptian mythology dictates that Sun God is the most superior God. This festival is celebrated twice in a year, on 22nd February and 22nd October. On these days the sunrays penetrate the Abu Simbel temple, reaching its innermost sanctum, brightening all the Gods like Ra, Amun and Ramses while keeping the Goddess of darkness in the shadows.

At sunrise, the calm turns into excitement as people crowd together to get a good look at the marvelous sight of the three statues bathed in sunlight. Once the sun rises too high and the statues fall back into shadow, everyone eats, drinks, dances, and celebrates. The day is full of fun and excitement. You’ll see traditional singers and dancers showing off their skills. There are artisans of all kinds sharing their trade. There is also plenty of opportunity to try delicious local Egyptian food.

Cruise to Kom Ombo. Disembark at Kom Ombo (hill of gold) to visit the Greco- Roman temple dedicated to Haroeris (the sun god) and Sobek (the crocodile god), whom some ancient Egyptians considered the creator of the world. View the mummified remains of several crocodiles that once basked along the ancient Nile shore, just as their descendants do today. Back on board, Cruise to Edfu.